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Mohamad Amin Alomar & Mohammad Al Saleh Smart deliberation at the local level? A study of social learning withing municipal councils in Brussels
Lenhard Hamza Experimenting with the use of Smart City Concepts and Digital Solutions in Municipalities of the Global South: An International Development Cooperation Perspective in South Africa
Jill L. Tao Smart and Green at the Local Level: Is It All for Naught?
Filipe Mello Rose Hybrid Democratic Innovations: The case of Decidim.Barcelona
Rafael Amorim & José Varlos Vaz Access to Technology and Democracy in Smart Cities: The Case of São Paulo
Norbert Kersting Smart Cities, Online Participation, and the Covid-19 pandemic
Bastián González-Bustamante Territorial Patterns in Digital Development and Open Government: Evidence from Chilean Local Governments
Ricardo Alvira Baeza Citizens' participation in public government. On a consistent underlying democracy conceptualization and operationalization
Luiza Brunetti Silva Jardim E-participation in tackling the pandemic: a mapping of the digital initatives of Brazilian city halls
Mary Francoli How 'Local' are Action Plans submitted by OGP Local Participants?
Martine Legris Local participatory budgets: an extension of political participation?
José A. Hernández-Bonivento Who is asking for local public information? Predictors of Freedom of Information Requests to municipalities in Chile