The Research Committee Comparative studies on local government and politics is one of the most established committees of the IPSA. Founded in 1972, it has been successively chaired by Jerzy J. Wiatr (University of Warsaw 1972-1979), Francesco Kjellberg (University of Oslo, 1979-1985), Hellmut Wollmann (Humboldt University, Berlin 1985-1994), Harald Baldersheim (University of Oslo 1994-2003), Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot (2003–2009), Fred Lazin (University of Ben Gurion, Israel 2009-2016), Norbert Kersting (University of Münster, 2016 - )

Its main objectives are :

  • To develop research in political science, especially work based on internacionl co;
  • To organize and maintain personal contacts among political scientists with common interests from around the world;
  • To disseminate information and publish scholarly research;
  • To provide a framework between individuals and organizations concerned with teaching and research in political and other social sciences.

The Research Committe 05 aims to favor exchanges between the different continents and to support initiatives from political science communities which are still not as dense and structured as in Europe or in North America.

In close cooperation with individual political scientists and local government research groups of national associations, the Research Committee supports international comparative meetings and research projects.