RC 5 Business  Meeting is on Tuesday 13.7. at 15:30  (UTC) (17:30 German summer time)
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The RC5 business meeting is open for all interested colleagues (no IPSA conference registration required!)

Please find here the updated list of all Panles held by the RC05 at the IPSA 2021. You can also access more details by clicking on the Panel name. We are looking forward to interesting and entertaining discussions with all of you.

Title Convenor Chair Co-Chair Discussants
Cities and Migration. Conflicts and Solutions Prof. Norbert Kersting Prof. Angel Iglesias   Dr. Pekka Kettunen
Decentralization and Sub-Municipal Units Prof. Norbert Kersting Dr. Filipe Teles   Prof. Eran Razin
Local administration and Fiscal policies in a comparative perspective Dr. Andrew Matsiko Dr. Andrew Matsiko   Dr. Parestico Pastory
Local Administration and Reform Prof. Norbert Kersting Prof. Eduardo Grin   Dr. Filipe Teles
Local Elections Prof. Norbert Kersting Prof. Eran Razin   Prof. Mirko Klarić
Local Elections. Candidates and Political Parties Prof. Norbert Kersting Prof. Euiyoung Kim   Prof. Snežana Djordjevic
Local Governance and Political Participation Dr. José Hernández-Bonivento Dr. José Hernández-Bonivento   Prof. Fiona Anciano
Local Governance in Contemporary Japan: Pressing Challenges and Innovative Approaches Dr. Hanno Jentzsch Dr. Hanno Jentzsch Prof. Gabriele Vogt Prof. Jill Tao
Local Government, State Capacities and Public Policies in Federal States of the Global South: Cities and the Environment from a Policy-Politics Perspective Dr. Klaus Frey Dr. Klaus Frey   Dr. Lúcio Bittencourt
Local Government, State Capacities and Public Policies in Federal States of the Global South: Federative Coordination and Multilevel Governance Dr. Klaus Frey Dr. Renata Bichir   Dr. Klaus Frey
Local Participatory Democracy Dr. José Hernández-Bonivento Prof. Fiona Anciano   Dr. José Hernández-Bonivento
Metropoles and Shrinking Cities Prof. Norbert Kersting Prof. Snežana Djordjevic   Prof. Euiyoung Kim
Smart Cities, Reforms and Local Democracy Dr. Pekka Kettunen Dr. Pekka Kettunen   Prof. Norbert Kersting