Dear colleagues,

10th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis will be organized by the CERAPS (Lille 2 University/CNRS/Science Po Lille) in Lille from July 8 to 10, 2015 at the Faculty of Law and Political and Social Sciences and at Sciences Po Lille.

We kindly invite scholars from all disciplines to submit a paper to our panel: LOCAL DEMOCRACY: CITIZENS INVOLVEMENT IN CONTESTED POLITICAL DECISION MAKING

Local governments in small communities all over Europe face challenges associated with demography. Birth deficits, and a selective net outward migration present local communities with a situation where the population is shrinking, ageing, and also losing in social capital. This situation is particularly apparent in rural areas, characterized by a remoteness from key markets.(?) Could any of the participatory methods used in spatial planning and development be used in wider discussions on the future of a shrinking society? How is the public given voice in times of cost reduction and resource alignment?

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Best regards, Josefina Syssner, Director Centre for municipality studies,

Linkoping university, Sweden