RC5 organized together with RC 32 the International Conference  “Public administration in a democratic society. Thirty years of democratic transition in Europe”, which took place in Dubrovnik on October 3.-5. 2019.

More than 50 colleagues presented papers at parallel sessions. Others took part at the Round table discussions. The conference was perfectly organized by Prof Ivan Kopric and his team. This important theme, which showed an evaluation of the transitional process, 30 years after the winds of Change in 1989, focused furthermore on research questions such as: What are the key public administration concepts that promote and preserve democratic values in public governance in transition countries?  How did different types of relations between public administration and politics determine transition outcomes?  How did people, political actors, and scientists assess and evaluate the results of public governance transition? What were the goals of the transition and did or can transition end?

In the Award Ceremony Professor Emeritus Hellmut Wollmann (Humboldt University) received a – RC5 Recognition of Merit – for his important role in RC5 and his numerous academic contributions.